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CTI Blog - Newborn CTI takes first steps

This blog post is by Dirk Vennix, CTI Chief Executive

Welcome to the first CTI blog. Written at a point in time when we are opening up a new chapter in the illustrious history of timber in this country. The Confederation was born six weeks ago and it is without question a lively baby! Already we have had a lot of engagement with the industry and our new Supporters Network now includes 38 organisations coming from all parts of the UK Timber Supply Chain. Not even in our most optimistic scenarios did we envisage such an enthusiastic response in such a short space of time.

Having said that, this is only the beginning and we have no intention to rest on our laurels. Autumn 2015 will provide further evidence of CTI’s strategy bearing fruit. The next step will be the first Supporters Network meeting on the 23rd of September which brings back together all CTI’s supporters and interested parties in London. Open invitations will be sent out shortly. The event’s objective is clear cut:  discussing the future membership structure and activities of the Confederation. We will start the process of forming CTI working groups which will scope and commission reports in three key areas: Value and Growth; Sustainability and Quality of standards; Skills and Education. Knowing we will have so much imagination, expertise and passion in the room we can’t wait to get started!

With the same enthusiasm and energy the Confederation will also start to develop new relationships with Governments and Parliaments. This is definitely the right time for a change in mind set and a co-ordinated approach by the industry will ensure a strong voice will be heard on growing the low carbon economy. No wonder our agenda for the next few months includes party conferences, representations and a parliamentary event in November. And already our initial contacts are generating positive responses.

Finally, we mustn’t forget the most important and unifying theme behind the CTI’s mission: the beauty of timber. That’s why we are proud to promote excellence across the Timber Supply Chain. On 24 September we are supporting the award for Timber Trader of the Year at the TTJ Awards in London. Less than two weeks later we will be sponsoring the Product Innovation Award at the Structural Timber Awards (Timber Expo in Birmingham). Last but not least, we will be backing excellence in architecture and product design at the Wood Awards on 10 November.

There you have it in a nutshell. As a new chapter is written in the history of timber the building blocks are taking shape in the form of a strong network, effective stakeholder engagement and high profile promotion. Do join us and help guide the lively baby into becoming a focused toddler

AHEC discloses new global strategy to expand market

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has recently disclosed its four-part strategy designed to “grow the pie” in overseas markets for US hardwood exporters.

As mentioned, the plan is articulated in four bullet-points: - seek out new markets for hardwood products; - promote new uses and applications within existing markets; - continue to extoll environmental credentials; - create Networking Opportunities for US Exporters.

The US is by far the world’s largest exporter of hardwood lumber, accounting for nearly one-quarter of the American global trade. US exports have nearly doubled in the past four years with the UK being one of the largest market. 

For more information click here.

TTJ Innovation Awards 2015 shortlist announced

Some of the most innovative products and marketing developments in timber have been shortlisted for the TTJ Timber Innovation Awards 2015 to take place on 24 September at the Landmark Hotel in London.

This year's competition, organised by TTJ and sponsored by TRADA and Timber Expo, includes two categories: Innovative product development and Innovative market development.

In the product category, the shortlisted entries are: Adapt Low Carbon Group/UEA for their thatch cassette system; Danzer UK Ltd for its 3D veneer; Donaldson Timber Engineering for its SafeStep scaffold system; Knauf for their Readymix Plasters and Tweedle Engineering, for its Excalibur R incising technology. 

In the marketing development category, the shortlisted entries are: Arch Timber Protection for its BARamine application technologies; and MBM Forest Products for its Laminated Strand Lumber, a strand-based engineered wood product.

BSW Timber Group achieves Grown in Britain license

Grown in Britain has granted its licence to BSW Timber Group. By achieving their Grown in Britain licence, it will allow BSW Timber group to use the Grown in Britain trademark which can now be applied to nearly 1 million tonnes of timber from the company. 

The certification scheme promotes the timber supply chain integrity assuring that the wood has been grown in the UK in accordance with the UK Government Timber Procurement Policy. It covers all types of wood – soft and hard – just as long as it was grown in the UK.

Commenting on BSW Timber’s commitment to sourcing locally supplied timber, Grown in Britain chief executive, Dougal Driver, said: “The leadership shown by BSW to secure a Grown in Britain licence is fantastic news for the homegrown sector and gives us a terrific boost as we aim to create a sustainable future for our wonderful woods and forests. Buyers can now look for the Grown in Britain logo in depots and stores and back British business and enhance our woods and forests at the same time.”

BMF Timber Forum 2015 to be held in Coventry

The next British Merchant Federation (BMF) Timber Forum will be held at the BMF Coventry Office on Tuesday 1st December, to commence at 10 o’clock.

The aim of the Timber Forum is to support merchant members and their suppliers in the timber and wood products market. It will do this through liaison and representation with other trade and regulatory bodies, by sharing best practice and by disseminating information and gathering views on legislation, product and building standards and other issues that may affect trading.