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New PEFC video underlines why sustainable forest management matters

PEFC outreach video

PEFC has released a new video underlining the importance of sustainable forest management and the business benefits of using certified material.

Worldwide 1.6 billion of people rely on forests for their subsistence and 2 out of 3 land species live in woodlands.

Certification schemes like PEFC and FSC guarantee that forests and natural commu­nities are being preserved respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and stakeholders' interests.

PEFC UK to sponsor Best Education Project at Structural Timber Awards 2016

PEFC UK will sponsor again the Best Education Project at the Structural Timber Awards 2016, to take place next October in BIrmingham.

The category celebrates a scheme that has used timber technology to create a vibrant learning space for students and staff including nurseries, schools, universities, colleges or facility catering for specialist needs.

The awarded project must prove that it has met its client’s and wider public sector expectations in providing a sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective contemporary building.

The submission deadline for entries is Tuesday 31 May 2016.

RADIX Tree, a new online platform for PEFC certificate holders

PEFC has launched RADIX Tree, a new voluntary service designed for PEFC certificate holders.

Run by Global Traceability Service, RADIX Tree is designed to reduce the time spent manually checking supplier certification claims and preparing for annual audit.

The platform offers up-to-date PEFC certification information 24/7 and allows to check the entire supply chain for each product at a glance. 

RADIX Tree can also help to demonstrate EUTR compliance. For businesses placing timber products on the European market, this tool can be used to report the tree species, for example, to clients as required by the European Timber Regulation and PEFC Chain of Custody certification standard.

For further information email [email protected].

Try the platform here.

PEFC UK announced as sponsor of Excellence in Forestry Awards 2016

PEFC UK will sponsor the Education and Learning Category at the Excellence in Forestry Awards 2016

The Awards, organised by the Royal Forestry Society, recognise training providers who increase awareness of and skills related to the environmental, social and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests.

Entries for 2016 are invited from Northern England that fall within the RFS North Eastern, North Western (excluding the Isle of Man) and Yorkshire Divisions. 

Winners will be invited to an Awards event during July 2016 and will receive a trophy, certificate and prizes of £500 for gold award winners and £250 for silver awards in each category.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday 8th March 2016.

Further information is available by contacting 01772 451276 or [email protected].

New Zealand forest products achieve PEFC certification

The Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) has endorsed the New Zealand Forest Certification Scheme (NZFCA). New Zealand is the 36th country to join PEFC network, which now includes over 264 million hectares of certified forests worldwide.

With 9.5 million hectares of woodlands – 7.8 million hectares natural and 1.7 million hectares plantation – more than one third of New Zealand is covered in forest. Forestry plays an important role within the country accounting up 3% of New Zealand’s GDP: about 17,000 employees and their families depend on the sector.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide New Zealand’s forest owners and managers with a PEFC-endorsed certification system,” commented Dr. Andrew McEwen, chair of the New Zealand Forest Certification Association (NZFCA)

“The New Zealand forest and wood products sector relies heavily on exports with around 70% of production being exported. Increasingly their main markets, particularly Australia, North America and Asia are demanding third party certification as proof of legality of harvest and quality of forest management. Most of the countries New Zealand exports to are now PEFC members and recognise PEFC certification as meeting their import requirements", underlined Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International.

“With the endorsement of the New Zealand system, the country’s forest owners can now obtain PEFC certification for their responsible forest management practices, enabling processors and others along the forest products supply chain to procure PEFC certified material from local, sustainably managed sources as well as access to new markets”, added Mr Gunneberg.