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CPI alerts MPs, High energy costs deeply damage UK Papermakers

In its latest briefing to MPs, the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) underlines the damaging effect that high energy and carbon costs are having on the competiveness of the UK’s Papermakers.

"Whilst the plight of the UK’s Steel Industry has received widespread publicity, other Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) have been faring just as badly", claims the CPI. 

The joint effect of high energy costs and taxes like the CPF and CRC, could have a catastrophic impact on the Paper Industry. "It is believed that four mills and thirteen papermaking machines will close this year", adds the CPI. "This equates to 1m tonnes of production or 20% of total UK output.  In future, well over 50% of UK demand for paper will be met by imports, making the UK the world’s largest importer of paper."

“The combination of the strength of Sterling and very high energy and carbon costs has had a devastating effect on the international competitiveness of several Energy Intensive Sectors, including Paper", says CPI Director General David Workman. "Unless government takes urgent action to rectify this situation we are likely to see further declines in Ells sector, with consequent loss of highly skilled and well-paid jobs."

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Montsaye Academy wins CPI PaperWorks Design competition

Montsaye Academy in Northamptonshire has won the Confederation of Paper Industries’ (CPI) PaperWorks Design and Technology competition for Cardboard Packaging.

The awarded team proposed a striking concept for a gift pack capable of holding a range of miniature toiletry items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and deodorant.

The winning entry, aptly named Rise and Shine, from the Montsaye Academy’s team of 11-14 year olds, was based on the “Smile Surprise” brief and has earned its Design and Technology department a cheque for £250, while the students involved in designing the packaging will be rewarded with a £50 Waterstones gift card.

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Corrugated Packaging reduces Fast Food waste

"It’s a myth that reducing the packaging will automatically cut the amount of waste from fast food", says the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI). ​According to the CPI, "Companies in the Corrugated Industry have introduced a range of packaging solutions for hot food, specifically designed for takeaways, combining innovative design with fine fluting to make the product easier to handle and consume". 

The idea is underlined by CPI Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson: “Corrugated packaging has superb environmental credentials, and this is being recognised by the fast food industry. “Not only does corrugated packaging protect products and prevent spills and leaks, its boxes are designed for heat retention for food on the go. The insulated fluting material keeping it fresher for longer therefore encouraging the consumer to eat all the contents", he adds.

The recyclability of paper packaging is well known – for instance McDonald’s Restaurants reported that during 2013 its eateries worldwide recycled 77% of its cardboard waste.

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Proskills launches consultation on new Standards for Paper Manufacturing

Proskills has revised the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Paper Manufacturing and is now colletting users' opinions to determine whether they reflect current best practice. 

All the operators in the sector can join the consultation by downloading the following document or contacting [email protected] until 9:00am, Wednesday 5th August.

The Standards will be used in shaping qualifications, courses and other skills management tools for individuals, companies, trainers and educators.

New PABIAC Industry Strategy for CPI

On Tuesday 30 June, Judith Hackitt, CBE, Chair, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for CPI, launched the new Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee (PABIAC) Industry Strategy at CPI’s Biennial Health Safety Conference. Two hundred and fifty delegates from across the UK Paper Industry attended the event.

"CPI is delighted with the level of support from industry and this year’s record attendance is testament to the importance of health and safety to the industry", said Andrew Braund, CPI Director of Health and Safety.

Judith Hackitt emphasised that "health and safety is not about bureaucracy, it is not about what looks good on paper, it is about identifying the real health and safety risks that the Paper Industry faces". The challenge of these issues is to “aim to achieve lasting sustainable improvement", Hackitt added.

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