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UK remains primary destination for North American pellet exports, WRI reports

According to Wood Resources International (WRI), the United Kingdom remains the primary destination for North American pellet exports despite "UK government announced plans to reduce various subsidies for green energy from a variety of sources".

"Policy developments in both the UK and the Netherlands underscore the still unsettled details around biomass utilization in Europe despite the continent’s commitment to green energy", claimed the organisation.
The report also highlighted that "Drax biomass plants in the UK remain by far the largest user of North American pellets". "Future industrial pellet demand in the UK was also bolstered in the 3Q/15 with the announcement that a coal-burning power station in Northumberland will close at the end of 2015 only to be converted to a pellet-burning plant operating by the end of 2017 dependent on final government approvals", WRI added.

According to the North American Wood Fiber Review (NAWFR), North American overseas pellet exports increased for the second consecutive quarter in the 3Q/15, rising 15 percent from the previous quarter to reach a new record high of just over 1.6 million tons. 

RADIX Tree, a new online platform for PEFC certificate holders

PEFC has launched RADIX Tree, a new voluntary service designed for PEFC certificate holders.

Run by Global Traceability Service, RADIX Tree is designed to reduce the time spent manually checking supplier certification claims and preparing for annual audit.

The platform offers up-to-date PEFC certification information 24/7 and allows to check the entire supply chain for each product at a glance. 

RADIX Tree can also help to demonstrate EUTR compliance. For businesses placing timber products on the European market, this tool can be used to report the tree species, for example, to clients as required by the European Timber Regulation and PEFC Chain of Custody certification standard.

For further information email [email protected].

Try the platform here.

PEFC UK announced as sponsor of Excellence in Forestry Awards 2016

PEFC UK will sponsor the Education and Learning Category at the Excellence in Forestry Awards 2016

The Awards, organised by the Royal Forestry Society, recognise training providers who increase awareness of and skills related to the environmental, social and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests.

Entries for 2016 are invited from Northern England that fall within the RFS North Eastern, North Western (excluding the Isle of Man) and Yorkshire Divisions. 

Winners will be invited to an Awards event during July 2016 and will receive a trophy, certificate and prizes of £500 for gold award winners and £250 for silver awards in each category.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday 8th March 2016.

Further information is available by contacting 01772 451276 or [email protected].