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Thailand moves forward towards PEFC membership

PEFC and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) co-hosted a session within Asian Paper in Bangkok to focus on Thailand's application to PEFC for membership.

The event represented an opportunity to debate the Thai national forest certification system and the developments in sustainable trade and production of wood-based products.

“Now that the Thailand Forest Certification Council is officially registered within FTI we have completed all the requirements and look forward to becoming a member of PEFC,” announced Dr. Nihkom, Chair of the TFCC. “Joining PEFC’s international alliance will give Thailand prominence and recognition for all the work we are doing to advance sustainability within our country.”

“I would like to congratulate all the stakeholders who have worked so hard over the past years to achieve this significant step towards the PEFC endorsement of a Thai Forest Certification System,” said Mr. Gunneberg, as he made the announcement. “We look forward to welcoming Thailand as a National member once they have been voted in by our PEFC members.”


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Grown in Britain refreshes its home-grown timber products index

Grown in Britain - the Campaign promoting products derived from UK woodlands and forests - has recently updated its index due to a strong increase in licence holders.

The new list - available here - is extremely useful for clients seeking to purchase assured UK timber and contains a wide range of products including furniture, woodfuel, flooring, charcoal and cladding.

"The buying public, retailers and the construction sector have whole-heartedly embraced Grown in Britain.  There’s a huge appetite within the sector to use more home-grown timber and support UK woods and forests. Access to products has historically been a barrier. Working together with the UK’s major contractors, retailers and our growing number of licence holders we’ve made huge headway and the publication of the list is another key milestone”, Grown in Britain CEO Dougal Driver commented.

“If we look at the construction sector alone, they are demanding an improvement in the availability of construction materials made from home-grown timber and they want to see Grown in Britain licensed material in as many projects as possible”, Mr Driver added.


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