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UK Papermakers want to remain in the EU, CPI survey shows

According to the latest member survey conducted by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), the majority of UK papermakers want the UK to remain within the EU.

In details, 60% were in favour of staying, 34% felt unable to express a view and 6% were in favour of leaving.

The CPI explained the results underlining that "the industry is largely foreign owned and controlled from head offices located outside of the UK. Paper is internationally traded, as are products derived from the material and even its waste. The industry believes that it is essential that a tariff-free market operates across Europe where common standards prevail."

Moreover, "paper is a capital intensive sector and there is already evidence that projects are not being given the go ahead unless the pay back periods are very short term. Indeed, a vote to leave the EU is likely to result in a very lengthy period of uncertainty which will only increase the likelihood of future investment being deferred or even cancelled."

CPI Director General, David Workman, commented: “The views of our Members on this important issue should be taken seriously. The UK’s Paper-based industries are an important element of this country’s manufacturing base and we are inextricably tied to our neighbours within the EU. To break this tie and enter a lengthy period of uncertainty about our future trading relationship with it could prove to be very damaging indeed to our industry’s future prospects.”

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Timber Expo collects Industry leaders' opinions on structural timber market - video

'Timber Advisory Panel' 

Timber Expo, part of UK Construction Week, has released a video featuring some of the most influential UK Timber industry personalities' opinions on timber and construction developments.

The short film was shot during the latest Advisory Panel meeting organised by Timber Expo 2016 in April 2016.

The panel consisted of 14 industry leaders, including Oliver Novakovic, Technical and Innovation Director at Barratt Developments, Andrew Carpenter, Chief executive of the Structural Timber Association (STA) and David Hopkins, Director of the Timber Trade Federation.

Mr Carpenter said: “To ensure the continued growth of the structural timber sector, we need to focus on the speed of build and energy efficiency benefits that the product presents.”

Chair of the panel, Rupert Scott, Membership and Marketing Manager at TRADA added: “By expanding design catalogues and companies taking more responsibility for the design process, cost effective designs can be achieved.”

Highlights of the Advisory Panel meeting can be found here.

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TTF Statistical Bulletin shows price fluctuations across all timber products

According to the latest Timber Trade Federation Statistical Bulletin, imports of timber products were 3% higher in the first two months of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015.

Growth has been driven largely by plywood and other panel products, while solid wood imports have dropped.

In details, import volume in the first two months of 2016 was around 46,000m3 higher than for the first two months of 2015, but this was mostly due to substantially higher volumes of plywood imported in 2016 in these two months. The overall volume of the main timber and panel products imported from January to February 2016 was around 1,551,000m3 .

The TTF Bulletin also shows marked fluctuation in products prices both on a month by month and year by year basis.  

For example, in relation to the average price of a “basket” of imported softwood, the 12 month period between March 2014 and February 2015 showed a drop of 7.9%.

TTF Members can download the complete TTF May 2016 Bulletin here.


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David Workman to step down as Director General of CPI

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has announced that its Director General, David Workman, will step down later this year.

The CPI expresses its gratitude to Mr Workman for his dedication and leadership in raising the profile of the organisation and defending the interests of its Members.

Mr Workman commented: “I have really enjoyed the last six years, and will leave with very mixed feelings, but I believe that the time is right for a change. The legislative landscape is evolving and bringing with it fresh challenges which I think are best handled by someone able to lead the organisation through into the 2020s."

"My successor will inherit a fantastic team of people who together have transformed CPI into a very high profile and successful trade association.”


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Paper Industry: Two Sides releases new Myths & Facts booklet

Two Sides - the Paper Industry Communication Campaign promoting the sustainability of Print and Paper - has released the new version of its Myths and Facts booklet.

The publication addresses popular Myths about print and paper and dispels those Myths with verifiable Facts.

In response to common preconceptions about the environmental impact of Forest and Paper Industries, the booklet underlines that:

  • Between 2005 and 2015, European forests grew by an area the size of Switzerland - that's 1,500 football pitches every day
  • Europe recycles 72% of its paper
  • 84% of the industry’s raw materials come from Europe
  • Between 2005 and 2013, the CO2 emissions of the European pulp and paper industry were reduced by 22% 
  • 56% of the industry’s total primary annual energy consumption is biomass-based

"The misconceptions about print and paper are still a major issue for the industry", said Two Sides representatives. "All too often, we see messages from organisations such as; “Go Green – Go Paperless” and “Do your bit for the environment and choose e-billing”. These messages are unsubstantiated, misleading and can have a lasting effect on consumer perceptions of print and paper. The print and paper industry is a world leader when it comes to sustainably-managed materials, renewable energy and recycling."

Download the booklet here.


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