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Sylva Wood 2016 celebrates outstanding results

From 27 to 29 June 2016, Shanghai hosted 'Sylva Wood 2016', Asia's main wood materials show.

The event attracted around 10,000 visitors, a majority of whom professional buyers from the flooring, furniture, cabinetry, doors and windows, and stairs sector.

Celebrating some of the most exciting innovations in the industry, Sylva Wood 2016 invited experts to present on technology and innovation, and the demand and supply of wood across the globe.

The event agenda featured workshops and debates on a varied gamut of themes: - China's wood products and furniture consumption; - Global timber supply to Chinese market; - Plywood design; - Business opportunities in Africa; - Timber drying & Wood treatment technologies.

Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world included, among the others, Michael Snow, Executive Director of the American Hardwood Export Council, Mr Tan Ting Wai, Director of the Malaysian Timber Council, Mr Xu Fang, Director of American Softwoods, Mr Jean Francois Guilbert, Managing Director of French Timber, Mr Jeff Lee, Market Director of Canada Wood, Mr James Xu, President of the Shanghai Timber Industry Association Professional Committee.

For the first time, Sylva Wood also saw the presence of the Alberta Forest Products Association, APA—The Engineered Wood Association, representatives from the L’Union Forestiere des Industrielles Asiatiques du Gabon (UFIAG), Malaysian Wood Industries Association Council, Quebec Wood Export Bureau and Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation.

“The need to conceive solid business strategy has never been more important at this moment,” said William Pang, Managing Director of Shanghai Pablo Exhibition Pte Ltd, in his opening address, referring to the importance of the China market in today’s economic scenario. 

“The ripple effect from the global economic slowdown can be seen and felt tremendously. With the logging ban in China, domestic demand is set to increase with local manufacturers expecting quality materials that cater to their specific requirements. Addressing this, Sylva Wood aims to be the platform to discover pioneering ideas that can challenge norms and create unconventional possibilities for the industry", Mr Pang concluded.

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