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International conference to discuss future of Russian timber market and forestry | 3 March

International Timber Conference Moscow

Preparations for the International Conference 'Russian Market of Timber & Sawn Wood 2016' are in full swing in Moscow, Russia.

Today the organisers have issued the list of participants and the event programme.

The conference, taking place on 3 March 2016 at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow, will discuss new terms of timber and sawn wood exchange trade, pricing; analysing advantages and disadvantages of traditional market trade instruments and options. 

Key topics will include: - Demand/supply ratio in the domestic and global markets; - Product quality issues;  - Trading instruments;  - New investment projects; - Interaction of business community and regional authorities.

Among confirmed participants: Kronospan, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Eurosib, Bely Ruchey, Baltic Business Union, Altailes, Federal Forestry Agency, FinScan, BioLesProm, Freight One, FSC, Hasslacher, Greenpeace, Ilim Group, Minpromtorg, Mitsui & Co. Moscow, OSB «Kalevala», PEG, Russian Railways, Russian Timber Group, Sokolskiy DOK (SEGEZHA GROUP), Svirles, Tavdinskiy fanerno-plitnuy combinat, TransLes, UPM-Kymmene, VM HOLZ, Volga, Vologda Oblast Official, Vologodskiye lesopromyshlenniki, WALTER and many others.

For registration and further information, contact +7(495) 775-07-40 or e-mail: [email protected].


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The future of low energy homes | 24 February

On Wednesday 24 February the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) will hold a conference on 'The future of low energy homes' at the Wellcome Trust in London.

The event will explore what impact Government policies on zero-carbon standards will have on the future of the house building industry.

The panel will provide an insight into what the scaling back of targets could potential mean for the industry; specifically in context of energy efficiency, performance gap and quality.

Technological advances for self-inspection and quality assurance, and supply chain integration will also be analysed.

For more information click here or contact [email protected].

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Building Centre conference on custom-build housing | 22 February

On Monday 22 February, the Building Centre in London will hold the conference 'Rethinking the way we live: custom-build'.

The event, fruit of the partnership between The Building Centre and the Museum of Architecture, will focus on custom-build market in the UK.

In Britian, over six million people are looking to get involved in a custom-build project, and over two-thirds of people reluctant to buy an off-the-peg volume-built house. However, it is estimated that just 10,000 self and custom-built homes were built in 2015.

The conferene will explore the reasons why the UK fails to deliver bespoke homes and what the built environment industry can do to encourage growth in custom-build.

Speakers include: Alex Ely, director of Mae Architects; Chris Brown, chief executive of Igloo Regeneration; Gus Zogolovitch, CEO and founder of Inhabit Homes; Geoff Shearcroft, director of AOC Architecture; Chair: Alice Grahame, freelance journalist and communications advisor, The Guardian and resident of a Walter Segal house.

Tickets are available here.

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'Russian Market of timber & sawn wood 2016' conference in Moscow - 3 March 2016

On 3 March 2016 the Metropol hotel in Moscow will host the International Conference 'Russian Market of timber & sawn wood 2016'.

Organised by Max Conference and Spimex, the event offers an exclusive insight on Russian timber and sawn wood price forecasts based on the latest changes on the market.

A high-level panel, including Russia’s Ministry of natural resources, Ministry of Industry and Trade, FSC, Russian Timber Group and Greenpeace, will discuss new terms of timber and sawn wood exchange trade analyzing benefits and disadvantages of traditional market instruments and options.

Key topics of the event include - Demand/supply ratio in the domestic and global markets; - Overseas quality standards and norms. Correlation between Russian and foreign standards; - Trading instruments; - New investment projects; - State offices’ initiatives on segment regulation; - Overseas quality standards and norms. Correlation between Russian and foreign standards; - Automated processing lines; - Timber transportation issues. 

The conference’s delegates can enjoy special prices for room reservation at the Metropol hotel. 

For registration and more information, phone +7(495) 775-07-40 or e-mail: [email protected].