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Parliamentarians urge Palace of Westminster to renew with wood

As Chairman of the newly founded APPG on Timber Industries, Ian Paisley MP has written to the Leader of the House of Commons Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP urging him to consider replacing wooden structures within the House with the same material where at all possible. The Restoration and Renewal Programme is due to be announced in the Spring of 2016.

Timber Industries APPG Chairman Ian Paisley MP said: “As a member of the Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster I have already engaged in the lively discussion about the restoration and renovation of the Palace of Westminster. Indeed, whichever path we decide to take with regard to the renovation, be it a full-scale move for six years, or even a gradual approach over some 30 years, this decision will inevitably be of great cost to the tax payer. It is therefore essential that we aim for an efficient and cost-effective renovation which upholds the history and legacy of the Palace.”

“Members of the APPG for the Timber Industries are particularly concerned about the future of the rich wood heritage which lights up the Palace wherever you go – this is something we feel strongly is imperative to uphold. You only need to look at the stunning hammer-beam roof of Westminster Hall to see the immense radiance of tradition and elegance which has been expressed through timber, whilst also highlighting its sustainability, for over 600 years.”

Ian Paisley MP added: “It is often forgotten that timber not only offers an alluring array of beautiful structures which last a lifetime but also exceptional value for money due to its durability and relatively low need for maintenance. In order to preserve the legacy of attractive timber features in the Palace of Westminster it is essential we replace wooden structures within the House with the same material where at all possible. I have asked the Leader of the House of Commons for his personal assurance that he will endeavour to uphold this compelling tradition.”


Notes to the editor:

  1. Members of both Houses are expected to make a decision in principle on a preferred way forward for carrying out the Restoration and Renewal Programme in the Spring of 2016. Anticipated start date for the Restoration and Renewal Programme is early 2020s.

More information can be found on http://www.parliament.uk/about/living-heritage/building/restoration-project

  1. The new APPG for Timber Industries was set up in February 2016. In total 43 parliamentarians (38 MPs and 5 peers) have already expressed an interest in the new APPG including 25 Conservatives, 10 Labour, 3 SNP, 2 DUP, 1 SDLP, 1 UUP and 1 Liberal Democrat.  In total there are 33 parliamentarians from England, 4 from Northern Ireland, 4 from Scotland and 2 from Wales. The Confederation of Timber Industry (CTI) has been asked by the APPG to provide the secretarial support for the group.


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CTI hosts round table on Sustainability across Timber Supply Chain

On Friday 11 March 2016 the Confederation of Timber Industry (CTI) held its third round table on Sustainability and Quality of Standards at the Building Centre in London.

Representatives from major timber businesses, trade associations, certification schemes and timber export councils debated the issues around improving the timber supply chain's environmental impact and efficiency.

In particular the discussion focused on the CTI’s key strategic objectives on sustainability and standards: - moving towards a low carbon circular economy; - achieving consistent application of chain of custody standards; - improving the implementation and enforcement of EU timber regulation.

During the meeting Charlie Law, Managing Director at Sustainable Construction Solutions Ltd, presented the initial findings of the CTI’s Sustainability and Quality of Standards report which will be published this Spring.

Alongside other reports on Value & Growth and Skills & Education, this report will help the CTI to promote the business case for growing the use of sustainable timber at the top tables of decision-making.

If you are interested in joining the CTI and the Sustainability and Standards working group please contact us at [email protected].


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CTI and Nexus CIFS establish strategic partnership to raise Timber Industry profile

The Confederation of Timber Industries is delighted to announce that Nexus CIFS will be a premium sponsor at its inaugural conference in Autumn 2016.

Well known for its credit insurance offering in the timber industry and one of the UK’s leading underwriting agencies, Nexus CIFS becomes the first sponsor of this major industry event.

At the conference the CTI will be presenting its reports on growing the use of sustainable timber and addressing skills shortages in the timber supply chain. The Confederation will host a debate about its policy recommendations with around 200 decision makers and opinion formers from the industry and Westminster.

The partnership will support the launch of new credit tools as well as a range of initiatives aimed at extending the reach and operational attractions of credit insurance. In particular Nexus CIFS will be promoting ‘First Select’, an innovative marketing tool created to help clients identify credit checked sales leads easily.

Further announcements will be made regarding the partnership in the coming weeks.

Dirk Vennix, CTI Chief Executive said: “This strategic partnership represents a major step forward for the Confederation. Thanks to Nexus CIFS support, we will raise the profile of the UK Timber Industry promoting the use of timber through inaugural conference and its post-event report. I hope Nexus’s example will be followed by many other sponsors since the CTI is a self-funding umbrella organisation. If you would also like to promote your company’s brand and products at the conference or fund the CTI in some other way please get in touch.”

Richard Marriage Nexus CIFS’ Managing Director said: “Having been a supporter of the timber industry for some years, Nexus CIFS is delighted to be the first sponsor of this major event organised by the Confederation.”

<Read the press release here>


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New parliamentary group for timber industries launched

Parliamentarians today set up a new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Timber Industries. The group aims to help grow the use of timber and develop vibrant timber based industries. More than 40 parliamentarians have already registered as members.

Timber Industries contribute substantially to the UK Construction and Manufacturing Industries, providing around 150,000 jobs across the skills spectrum and adding value of c£20bn to the UK economy. The APPG will help promote timber as the most sustainable and renewable building material and develop new economic measures to grow the whole timber industries supply chain. The members of the new cross-party group also want to encourage more young people to choose a career in the timber industries.

The new APPG held its AGM today at the House of Commons. Ian Paisley, MP for North Antrim, was elected as Chairman. He now chairs an officers group including Joint Vice Chairman and former minister Cheryl Gillan MP for Chesham and Amersham (Conservatives), Joint Vice Chairman Stephen Hepburn MP for Jarrow (Labour), Treasurer Steven Paterson MP for Stirling (SNP) and Secretary Stephen McPartland MP for Stevenage and Chair of the Furniture APPG (Conservatives).

Timber industries APPG Chairman Ian Paisley MP said: “I am delighted to have been elected by my colleagues in both Houses. I am looking forward to chairing this new group which has already received cross-party support in the Commons and the Lords. My colleagues will endeavour to promote the use of timber UK wide but will also look forward to hearing how they could support timber businesses in their constituencies in particular.”

Peter Hindle MBE Chairman of the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) said: “We are pleased that Ian and his fellow officers have put together a strong all-party group of parliamentary colleagues who will actively support the timber industries. We have been asked by Ian to provide the secretarial support for the group and are happy to provide assistance and information where we can.” 

In total 42 parliamentarians (37 MPs and 5 peers) have already expressed an interest in the new APPG including 25 Conservatives, 9 Labour, 3 SNP, 2 DUP, 1 SDLP, 1 UUP and 1 Liberal Democrat.  In total there are 32 parliamentarians from England, 4 from Northern Ireland, 4 from Scotland and 2 from Wales.


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CTI extends sponsorship with Structural Timber Awards 2016

The Confederation of Timber Industries has confirmed its sponsorship of the Product Innovation Category at the Structural Timber Awards 2016.

The event, designed to celebrate the best in timber construction world, will take place on 19 October 2016 at NEC, Birmingham.

The Product Innovation Award intends to showcase both new innovative products and existent items on the market used in a fresh and inventive way. The winner must demonstrate that the product or emerging technology meets the appropriate UK building regulations and health and safety standards.

Shortlisted projects will include physical products designed specifically for timber usage or a general building products revealing a new dimension when used in conjunction with timber technology. 

Submissions are open until 31 May 2016.


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