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CTI broadly welcomes the Chancellor's Autumn Statement

The Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI), a representative body for the £10 billion timber supply chain in the UK broadly welcomed the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement today.

Speaking on behalf of the new umbrella body for the Timber Industries, David Hopkins, Managing Director of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), stated: "The conditions next year are challenging, especially considering the continued uncertainty and the £122 billion loss that the OBR expects from Brexit. In light of this, we welcome the switch in focus from austerity to fiscal stimulus and opportunities in the real economy."

"Setting housing and infrastructure at the heart of our economic policy is good news and will have a positive effect on the timber sector. The Business Rates reduction package on the surface will give a boost, especially for our rural members though it may not adequately address the challenges that they face - we will be analysing the detail carefully."   

"The emphasis on productivity throughout is paramount and we very much welcome the National Productivity Investment Fund and initiatives to drive growth through LEPs and devolved administration and look forward to seeing more detail on how these plans will be enacted.” 

Iain McIlwee, CEO of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) added: "The key word in the statement is Productivity and we need to drill into the detail here.The danger is that in the macro headline we lose some of the important micro drivers - we must remember that we are not always comparing apples with apples and I think herein the Chancellor has set a challenge to industries to do more to benchmark our own productivity."

"That aside, if we look at the key components of productivity, the Chancellor was quiet on Skills. Management Skills had some attention and we also heard heralded that there is a growing number of graduates - this is no doubt a good thing, but unfortunately used in this way we are reinforcing an emphasis on academic options. Part of the growth plan is to focus attention on quality apprentices and it is disappointing that this did not get highlighted in the same way." 

"The other notable omission was the whole natural capital agenda and given our recent pledges to the Paris Agreement we cannot let this take a back seat.  Resource efficiency goes hand in glove with productivity. We welcome the opportunity to work with the Chancellor and his team to demonstrate that effective carbon accounting can drive productivity and set the UK apart as a true global leader.” 


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CTI launches new Industry Manifesto

On 18th October 2016 the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) launched its new Industry Manifesto during a Drinks Reception at Timber Expo in Birmingham.

The event was held in collaboration with the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), the Structural Timber Association (STA) and the Timber Trade Federation (TTF). Alongside the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), the three trade organisations will form the spine of a renewed CTI.

Ensuring continuity to the successful projects and activities undertaken in the past year, the Confederation will focus on four areas: - Value and Growth; - Sustainability; - Skills and Education; - Construction & Housing.

The target is to grow the UK Timber Industry promoting best practise and boosting a wide collaboration among the leading trade organisations and companies across the Supply Chain.

Acting as an umbrella organisation, the Confederation will also work to ensure the right policy and market frameworks are developed in a rapidly changing economic and political scenario. In this regard, the next few weeks will see the publication of 3 Policy Reports, designed to map the UK Timber Industry, and the launch of CTI inaugural Conference in Westminster on 30th November 2016.

Details will follow shortly.

Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive of the Structural Timber Association, said: “The STA is delighted to be an integral part of the CTI as we move forward together towards a more integrated timber sector.

“Our specifiers, procurers and clients are looking for a joined up design, manufacture and erect solution and it’s critical we are able to offer this.

“The CTI is continually striving to satisfy client needs, which is essential as we continue to increase structural timber’s market share. By encouraging a collaborative culture, the use of structural timber frame within the UK housing and construction industry will only continue to increase and aid in the meeting of Government targets.

“The STA supports the key tenants of the new CTI report that will enable the timber supply chain to come together as an industry to obtain further and greater growth.”

David Hopkins, Managing Director of the Timber Trade Federation, added: “The launch of the new Industry Manifesto is a great step forward for the timber supply chain. We need to start showing the value that our sector brings to the economy, the environment and to the UK skills base.”

“The map we have launched shows the multiple routes to market for timber products as well as policy recommendations to help each one develop. Working with our supply chain partners under the banner of the CTI is the best way to truly achieve growing the use of wood.”

Iain McIlwee, British Woodworking Federation CEO, said: “There is huge opportunity to scale up what we are all doing so that the CTI is more than the sum of our parts. As Britain builds a new economy, there is huge opportunity for Timber to take a lead.

This is a great time for the BWF to get involved in the CTI and we are relishing working with colleagues from all parts of our supply chain in raising our collective voice to this effect.”


Notes to editors:

A recap of the CTI Drinks Reception including pictures, recordings and presentations can be found here.

The CTI Manifesto can be downloaded here.

The CTI Policy Reports will be soon available at http://www.cti-timber.org/publications.


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CTI to hold Drinks Reception at Timber Expo 2016 | 18 October 2016 | NEC Birmingham

The Confederation of Timber Industries will hold its first Drinks Reception at Timber Expo 2016 in the ST Awards Gallery (Hall 3, Timber Expo, NEC Birmingham) on Tuesday 18th October 2016.

The event - co-hosted by the Structural Timber Association (STA) alongside Timber Trade Federation (TTF), British Woodworking Federation (BWF) and Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) - will celebrate the progress made by the CTI ahead of its Westminster Conference in November [details to follow].

The drinks reception will also see the launch of the three CTI policy reports on Skills, Sustainability and Value & Growth.

The publications will help the CTI map the UK Timber Supply Chain providing decision makers and opinion formers with an updated, wide-ranging, detailed review.

Speakers include:

  • Iain McIlwee, CEO of BWF
  • David Hopkins, Managing Director of TTF
  • Andrew Carpenter, CEO of STA

​Seats for this event are limited so please register - at no cost - on STA website by clicking here.


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CTI Chairman Standing Down from September 20th

The Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) has announced that Peter Hindle MBE is to stand down as Chairman now that his one-year tenure has ended.

A new Chairman will be announced ahead of the Parliamentary Conference in November.

Mr Hindle, who retains his post as Chair of the Builders Merchant Federation and founder-director of a business consultancy focused on the construction sector, said: “I am pleased to have been part of the formation and development of the CTI over the past 12 months. It has allowed all the major trade associations in the timber supply chain to work far more closely together under a single umbrella and provide a single voice.”

“Given the major political changes of recent months, and the implications for all UK industry, that single voice will be critical to the continued growth of the timber supply chain. A new strategy and focus is now being put into place for the CTI and I look forward to this being launched at the Parliamentary conference in Autumn. I wish the new Board and new Chair every success for the future.”

Keith Fryer, member of the CTI Board of Directors, said: “We’d like to thank Peter for all his hard work in helping establish the CTI, particularly in bringing a wide range of stakeholders together. It is a shame his other commitments mean he cannot continue in this role. On behalf of CTI, I would like to wish him every continued success with his future ventures.”


Notes to editors:

The Confederation of Timber Industries was formed to give a single voice for the timber supply chain. It acts as a “trade association of trade associations” covering the diverse interests of timber producers, processors, importers, wholesalers, manufacturers and merchants.

The inaugural CTI parliamentary conference will be held on Wednesday 30th November. For further details please see the CTI website: www.cti-timber.org


[News URL: http://www.cti-timber.org/content/cti-chairman-standing-down-september-20th]

CTI to coordinate future activities of Wood Industry Board

Following the demise of Proskills, the Wood Industry Board (WIB) has moved under the umbrella of CTI – the Confederation of Timber Industries.

The CTI will operate as coordinating body and Secretariat for the activities of the Board.

The Wood Industry Board intends to represent all parts of the industry including trade organizations, large companies, SMEs, sub-sector groups, training providers, research institutes, awarding bodies and universities.

Key purposes of the WIB encompass:

  • Determining strategic issues relating to productivity, skills, qualifications and training provision facing the industry
  • Reviewing and monitoring strategy and activity taking place within the industry and throughout the sector
  • Establishing programs to promote careers in the industry within schools. Fostering links between participating schools, employers and Further Education establishments.
  • Maximising the engagement and participation of the industry with regard to the training agenda

Benedetto Antuono, CTI Communications Coordinator said: “We are looking forward to host the next meeting of the Wood Industry Board in late September.”

“Given the enormous upheavals in the political landscape and the impending apprenticeship levy, it is imperative to consult with employers’ and trade associations now to decide on our priorities first, before engaging with training providers and awarding bodies at a later date.”


[News URL: http://www.cti-timber.org/content/cti-coordinate-future-activities-wood-industry-board]