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Peter Hindle MBE appointed as first CTI Chairman

Peter Hindle MBE has been appointed as the first Chairman of the newly formed Trade Association, the Confederation of Timber Industries [CTI], as of 1 September 2015.

The CTI has, for the first time, brought together all aspects of the Timber industry’s supply chain, from forestry, sawmilling and timber distribution, through to paper and furniture manufacturing, pallets and pellet production, and construction and architectural use. This pan-industry approach will enable all those involved in the timber industry to come together to tackle common issues with a collaborative approach that will be fundamental for the future of this important industry.

Find out more on our press release.

CTI blog post - Newborn CTI takes first steps

We have just launched our open blog (ctitimber.wordpress.com) to share news, comments and ideas about Timber Supply Chain.

In the first blog post, CTI Chief Executive Dirk Vennix explains the Confederation's strategy for the coming months. 

Read the article here.

CTI Newsletter for Summer 2015

The first CTI Newsletter for Summer 2015 is online. In this issue: the CTI launch event in June 2015, a brief presentation of our Chief Executive Dirk Vennix and upcoming events for the next months.

To read the publication click here.

Confederation of Timber Industries Launches!

The new and inclusive Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) launched to an enthusiastic audience at the Building Centre in London on 10 June.

The Industry has waited a long time to find a stronger representative voice to act as an umbrella organisation, representing the whole Timber supply chain from Forest to end of life, recycling and research.

"It will be a long journey but I am ready for this challenge", said Dirk Vennix, new CTI chief executive. "I will work hard to make wood a first choice product and expand our market", he added.