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Newsletter - July 2015

CTI newsletter Summer 2015

In the first CTI Newsletter:

- CTI launch event at the Building Centre, London

- Introducing Dirk Vennix, CTI Chief Executive

- Next steps and autumn events


Videos - Sustainability playlist on You Tube

Sustainability playlist on You Tube

Trees absorb and store billions of tonnes of carbon every day and all the products derived from wood - such as walls, windows, floors, doors, paper, desks and many more - keep on storing carbon throughout their lifetime. Studies show that more emissions are captured and stored in timber products than are emitted during harvesting, processing, manufacturing and transportation combined. For every metre cube of timber used across the supply chain, roughly one tonne of carbon is stored. That makes timber the only truly sustainable construction material. To have an idea, if we built 200,000 new houses in timber, we would store around 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year!

Press Release - Dirk Vennix unveiled as new CTI chief executive

Dirk Vennix unveiled as new CTI chief executive

The Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dirk Vennix as its new Chief Executive, who will start his new role in a few weeks time. This follows the disclosure last Wednesday during the CTI launch.

Dirk Vennix commented: "I am delighted to take on this fantastic opportunity to make a difference to the timber supply chain sector. I want to grow the various links in the supply chain and make wood the product of choice. I am looking forward to talking to all stakeholders in the timber supply chain and building more relationships with a wide range of important partners. The CTI is committed to providing key deliverables in the areas of growth, skills and sustainability by 2016”, he added.


Press Release - Confederation of Timber Industries successfully launched

Confederation of Timber Industries successfully launched

The new and inclusive Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) launched to an enthusiastic audience at the Building Centre in London on 10 June.

The Industry has waited a long time to find a stronger representative voice to act as an umbrella organisation, representing the Timber supply chain from Forest to end of life recycling and energy recovery.

Dr Peter Bonfield CEO of BRE, launched CTI by saying: “This Industry has needed a stronger joined up voice for a very long time. This is a great moment for the Timber Industries to demonstrate their combined strength and showcase the Industry. The Industry needs to move to the top of the agenda with specifiers, designers and constructors and becomes a first choice construction product. This is an historic day, which we should all embrace to make CTI the success we all need it to be”.


Image Gallery - CTI launch event

CTI launch event, london

On 10 June 2015 the long awaited Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) was launched at the Building Centre, in London.

Read the press release.