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CTI Newsletter Spring/ Summer 2018

CTI Newsletter Spring/ Summer 2018

This Newsletter contains highlights from the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) and the entire Timber Supply Chain. 

You will find news on Combustible materials consultation; 'Timber Talks podcasts; Timber Expo activities; Upcoming Timber events... and much more!


CTI Podcasts - 'Timber Talks'


Hear the movers and shakers within the Timber Industry discussing the latest news, trends and policies


Episode 1 | 20th May 2018

Roy Wakeman OBE
CTI Chairman

The Value of UK Timber Industry

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Episode 2 | 11th June 2018

David Hopkins
CTI Director and Managing Director of Timber Trade Federation (TTF)

Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing of Timber products

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Episode 3 | 15th August 2018

Iain McIlwee
CTI Director and Chief Executive of British Woodworking Federation (BWF)

Developing skills to help grow the Timber Industry

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[News URL: http://cti-timber.org/content/cti-podcasts-timber-talks]

CTI Infographic - The Value of UK Timber Supply Chain


Download this infographic in .pdf format here.


[News URL: http://cti-timber.org/content/cti-infographic-value-uk-timber-supply-chain]

Can wood replace concrete and steel as the go-to building material?

This video by The Economist explores the latest developments in timber construction outlining an intriguing scenario where concrete and steel are replaced by sustainable and eco-friendly wood.

"Wooden skyscrapers are an ambitious and innovative solution to the problems posed by urbanisation," The Economist reports. "Not only are they faster to build, they have smaller carbon footprints than high-rises made of concrete and steel."


[News URL: http://cti-timber.org/content/can-wood-replace-concrete-and-steel-go-building-material]