UN International Day of Forests | 21 March 2016

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UN International Day of Forests | 21 March 2016

Monday 21 March is the United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Forests, an event aimed to promote the importance of forests and trees worldwide.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), forested watersheds and wetlands supply 75 percent of the world’s accessible freshwater, while about one-third of the world’s largest cities obtain a significant proportion of their drinking water directly from forested protected areas. Roughly 1.6 billion people, including more than 2000 indigenous cultures, depend on forests for their livelihood

To celebrate the International Day of Forests 2016, the UN is promoting several events all over the world and is spreading its message via social media channels. 

Instruments vary from a promotion video - available here - to a forest quiz – How much do you know about forests and water? Anyone interested can also join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the #IntForestDay hashtag or share the event logo, banner and posters (available in 11 languages).


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