Head of Centre for Wood Science and Technology Dan Ridley-Ellis wins 2016 Woodland Hero Award

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Head of Centre for Wood Science and Technology Dan Ridley-Ellis wins 2016 Woodland Hero Award

Dan Ridley-Ellis, Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University has been awarded the 2016 Woodland Hero Prize.

The award - designed and promoted by Grown in Britain - aims to raise awareness on the importance of getting Britain’s woodlands back into management.

By showcasing the stories and people behind British woods, Grown in Britain hopes to inspire others to get the 42% of the UK’s currently unmanaged woodlands working again.

Woodland Hero 2016 winner Mr Ridley-Ellis is Head of the Centre for Wood Science and Technology at Edinburgh Napier University. His research focuses on understanding the growth and utilisation of domestically grown timber including how this may be affected by our changing environment.

During the award ceremony hosted by BRE, Dougal Driver CEO of  Grown in Britain said: “Dan and his team have carried out vital research on the properties of timber grown in the British Isles and in particular the factors that affect the quality of sawn timber for construction. He is a world expert on timber grading, resource assessment and segregation of timber into the most appropriate markets and we are fortunate to have him on The GiB ‘team’ and leading the charge for homegrown timber”

“The Woodland Hero award is aimed at the people who make things happen whether in the public gaze or more hidden in the vital work behind the scenes. Dan’s work on standards, grading and British Standards is largely unseen, and we want to change that as he is a true Grown in Britain Woodland Hero”

Mr Ridley-Ellis commented: ” I am part of a great team with fantastic support from numerous partners, growers and sawmills in the UK. It is great to get this recognition from Grown in Britain who are creating more and more demand for homegrown timber which makes our work ever more important and rewarding.”


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