FSC Friday is back on 30 September 2016

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FSC Friday is back on 30 September 2016

On 30 September 2016, FSC offices, certificate holders, members, and partners will host a series of events around the world to celebrate and raise awareness of responsible forest management and the role that FSC plays in it, all shared through social media (#FSCFriday).

People around the world are invited to consider the source of the products they buy, look for the FSC logo - and... share the message.

Last year, FSC Friday was celebrated by 31 countries worldwide including the UK, where businesses, schools and groups took part by holding awareness raising events, ranging from dressing green and baking cakes to holding presentations and talks.

To register for the event, click here or contact [email protected].

Subscribers are asked to specify:

  • How they can support FSC Friday 2016
  • What plans or ideas they have
  • What FSC materials they need

Further information is available at: https://ic.fsc.org/en/news/events/event-details/fsc-friday-2016.

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