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CTI Blog - Driving the policy agenda on Value & Growth

Dirk VennixThis blog is by Dirk Vennix, CTI Chief Executive

Over the Easter break I was thinking it would be good if we gave an update on the steady progress we’re making with the CTI’s Value and Growth report. This is being produced by Egan Consulting and kindly sponsored by Arbor Forest Products.

Last year the CTI’s supporters working group for this policy area, which included six trade associations and several timber export organisations, discussed the key issues at our first meeting. It was clear from the off that more needs to be done to help increase the use of sustainable timber. So far industry dialogue with Government on incentives for growth had been quite limited whilst the sector has had to deal with tough economic times and is only just starting to show some modest signs of growth.

In order to drive this important agenda forward supporters and members asked the CTI to assess the various sector markets and investigate the potential for new policy incentives. To start with we had to get a better understanding of the growth opportunities and competitive pressures throughout the timber supply chain.

The working group agreed that we needed to ask some key questions:

•             What are the growing markets and which have potential to grow faster? 

•             Which markets are struggling and need a boost?

•             Where do the timber industries need more government support?

As part of the internal consultation Egan Consulting conducted a process mapping exercise kindly assisted by Structural Timber Association and TImber Trade Federation. This is where CTI supporters representing a range of sector markets provided valuable input. Subsequently, we asked a number of companies to pitch for the project which would collate existing market data, identify the opportunities and threats to markets within the timber supply chain and identify their specific prospects from now until 2020.

But before the CTI could commission the report we had to secure funding to cover the costs and we are very grateful to independently owned Arbor Forest Products for providing us with invaluable sponsorship. As the first business member of the CTI they have been very supportive of the formation of the CTI and its objectives from its inception. Award-winning Arbor Forest Products is a major UK wide timber business and supplies more than 225,000m3 of quality timber to the building, DIY and construction trades, through independent merchants, each year.

Thanks to Arbor’s generous support the CTI was able to commission Egan Consulting. Peter Egan and Allen Erskine have now nearly finalised a draft report which will include an overview of timber consumption in the UK as well as forecasts relating to markets such as sawmilling, timber trade, wood based panels, processed wood, fencing, builders’ merchants, construction, furniture, packaging, pulp and paper. The report will be presented at the CTI's inaugural industry conference, kindly sponsored by premium sponsor CIFS Nexus, in May/June this year.

If CTI members are interested in a preview of the draft report’s provisional findings the CTI’s Value and Growth working group will be meeting again in London on 15 April to discuss the initial outcomes. Do get in touch with the CTI if you would like to attend.


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